Freddie Poser
Programmer, Photographer, ... Creator.
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About Me

19 year old developer


Programming is my passion and I spend as much time as possible with an IDE open. I've made a number of things in a variety of languages including PHP, Node.JS, JS, Scala, Java and C#.


I love to take photos of almost anything. You can see them here


I am interested in a large number of other subjects, including politics, economics, business, maths and electronics. I even ran as a Liberal Democrat candidate in the 2018 local elections.


The all-in-one solution for MUN conference project management

Built for WesMUN 2016 iMUN aims to provide MUN conferences with the complete solution for managing delegates, debates, resolutions and more. iMUN is flexible and robust allowing for every aspect of the conference to run smoothly.


The easy way to see what to watch from accross the online media spectrum

Started at YRS2015 this project aims to bring all catchup and online-streaming services in the UK under one roof. A work in progress we currently index both BBC Iplayer and ITVPlayer and we have plans to add more in the future


Things I've made


Small scripting language from scratch

Machine Learning

Projects with machine intelligence and AI


An app for the 2015 General election

Election Tracker

2016 Presidential Election Poll Tracker


A Biology-CompSci Crossover

Opensource Projects

Things I've made and opensourced

LudumDare Games

Games I've made in 48 hours

JS Games

I make small web games sometimes